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  • Insist on the Correct Battery for your Vehicle
  • Clean The Cable Clamps Properly before fitting
  • Ensure batteries are checked once in two months for Regular batteries & once in six months for maintenance Free batteries
  • Hold the hydrometer vertically.
  • Hold the hydrometer so that the liquid is level in the barrel and at eye level
  • Read the Specific Gravity at the point on the Calibrated float's scale where the surface of the liquid crosses the float
  • Check each individual battery cell
  • Measure the electrolyte temperature with a thermometer for best accuracy
  • Correcting Hydrometer reading for Temperature:

    Add 0.007 for every 10oC above 27oC
    Subtract 0.007 for every 10oc below 27oC

  • Petroleum Jelly should be applied on the terminals & not Grease


    100% =1.270-1.280
    75% =1.230-1.240
    Recharge, if one or more Cells are below 1.230


    12.66 = 100%
    12.40 = 75%
    Recharge if O.C.V. is below 12.40 volts


  • Do Not Install lower capacity battery then recommended
  • Immediately after Adding Water (Never add acid to a battery to raise the electrolyte level, Only add de-mineralized water)
  • Do not over tighten clamps as this will damage the battery pole
  • Please note that the Hydrometer readings are likely to be inaccurate in the following instances:

    While a Battery is being charged

    (After turning the charge OFF, wait at least 15-20 minutes for the electrolyte to settle.)

    Never Use Grease

Battery Charging Instructions