Battery Grade Distilled Water

Distilled Water

Distilled water is basically regular tap water is turned into clean steam vapor which is condensed and then passed through an organic filter. Through this process, pollutants, synthetic chemicals, bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides and some metals are filtered out.

Distilled water has been purified by using a distiller to turn it into vapor, so that any extra substances are eliminated, and then the vapor is turned back to water by condensing. The ph measurement defines the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, and 7 is neutral.


In the ph measurement, "p" stands for the german word potenz, meaning power, and the "h" for hydrogen. The equation measures hydrogen ion concentration, which identifies the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The ph scale ranges from 0 to 14, with numbers lower than 7 acidic and numbers over 7 alkaline.


We deliver distilled water in: 1 lt, 5 lt, 20 lt & 25 lt & 35 lt packaging's